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Case Studies


Steele Communications undertook two technical assistance assignments in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. The purpose of these assignments was to conduct an initial technical assessment in preparation for Guinea-Bissau's participation in the US Agency for International Development's "Leland Initiative".

Jeff Steele, President of Steele Communications, travelled to Guinea-Bissau where he met with officials from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Guinea Telecom in order to assess the regulatory environment for Internet activites. In addition, several training and informational sessons were conducted for Guinean business and political leaders to introduce them to the Internet.

Steele's report on the regulatory and technical environment assisted USAID in their planning for the establishment of an international Internet gateway in Bissau. Training courses he conducted in UNIX administration and TCP/IP network administration assisted in the establishment of a local Internet Service Provider.


Jeff Steele travelled to Ulanbaator, Mongolia in order to conduct a technical assessment of the requirements for providing Internet connectivity to the Parliament of Mongolia. During his stay, he provided training in Windows NT administration and assisted in the configuration of a Windows NT based Internet server in the Parliament. As a result of Steele's efforts, the Parliament was able to obtain a dedicated Internet connection and begin providing email service to all Members of Parliament.

The second stage of this project -- providing IP connectivity to the MPs' desktops, in currently being planned.

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